Diary entry for June 19, 1910


Diary entry for June 19, 1910


John Sloan, American painter, etcher, and illustrator, 1871–1951


June 19, 1910

Today is quite the clearest, hottest Sunday so far this year. We did not leave our bed ‘till nearly noon and we both are tired from our trip of yesterday. I walked as far as 29th St to get the Phila. Press and came back by way of Broadway and Madison Square. There I joined for a few minutes the people sitting on the benches and watched the throbbing fountain and the “Sunday dressed” children. The trees are fat, full green, and the grass brightly glared in the sun on the hot gray paths. A dappling of shade tied lawn to lawn.

Mr. Yeats called later in the afternoon and, at his persuasion, we went to Miss Petitpas’ for dinner. There we met Miss Keegan, an English Suffragette, the real article, who served six weeks in prison for the cause. She was companied by a well-known character actress, Miss Mary Shaw, who proved a really intelligent, splendidly interesting, thinking woman. She expounded her theory of Hamlet — not insane, not weirdly psychological but a young man who’s ideals of woman have been shattered by his mother’s disloyalty. Who has been intimate with Ophelia, the latter in fact probably “enciente” by him. I am inclined to agree


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June 19, 1910


John Sloan Manuscript Collection, Helen Farr Sloan Library & Archives, Delaware Art Museum


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